Almost three decades after the end of apartheid, and despite progress accomplished, the South African society is still deeply divided. Cape Town, the most visited city in the country, presents shocking contrasts to many. In the Mother City especially, racial and social divides still strike as very real. In such context, we believe it is important to speak about the matters that unite Capetonians  rather than the ones that divide them.
Fascinated by the amount of inspiring and transformative projects coming to life in these communities, we decided to raise awareness about the talented entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, that are coming together to shape the future of Cape Town for the better regardless of their culture, their privilege, or their color.
From July 10th TO August 30th, we are pasting black & white portraits of Cape Town positive change makers on walls of the city’s main train station to raise awareness about the inspiring and transformative projects they are undertaking in underserved communities.
Generation Next is an artistic project brought to life by like-minded individuals that believe in the power of art as a tool for social change. It is SUPPORTED by the worldwide INSIDE OUT project, a global art platform initiated by the french photographer JR. It is not a commercial promotion and we will not display any logo or message, only the portraits.
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